Neil Buckley

Piano Teacher, Half of Takes Two (musical duo)
and in my spare time a Psychotherapist!

I am available for:
- Piano/Keyboard lessons for Adults
- Gigs and Private events around Sydney
- Psychotherapy & Counselling on the North Shore

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Piano/Keyboard Lessons for Adults

Having played, taught and performed all my life ... Trumpet, Sax, Bass Guitar, Harmonica and Piano, I have realised that the most fun you can have is when you can play along with others.

As a result I now only teach Piano / Keyboard to those who want to learn to have fun, play songs, or perhaps jam with others.

What I teach is for you to play using chord charts - so NO laborious learning songs bar by bar!

I will teach you enough theory to understand how to read and use the chord charts, but the focus is on getting you playing ASAP, so you can jam with friends on other instruments, or just any singalongs.

If you have learnt in the past, that can be a bonus, but it doesn't matter if you come with no knowledge at all - all you need it enthusiasm!

Takes Two

We are a musical duo and do gigs in bars around Sydney North / Beaches, as well as private events such as receptions and parties.

Playing hits from the 70s and 80s as well as some current, no matter what you want - dance music or background ambiance, we can do it!

Renee French is on vocals and she has been singing all her life, doing gigs both here in Australia and overseas.

She is personality plus, so as well as a great singer, she is such a fun performer, that she will always liven up your event.

A Sample Setlist:
Smooth Operator
I feel the earthmove
Im yours
R&R Medley
Brown eyed girl
Dock of the bay
Route 66
Its too late
Im a believer
You've got a friend
Stand by me
Heard it thru the grapevine
Big Yellow Taxi
Bad moon rising
Aint no sunshine


In my real job I am a psychotherapist and lecturer. Currently I teach the Counselling (Psychotherapy) at ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology (Wynyard) and at Nature Care College (St Leonards).

When working with clients I use a range of modalities. Having studied and used many different techniques including hypnotherapy, I was introduced to Ego State Therapy several years ago.

I have since studied extensively under Professor Gordon Emerson - a world leading authority of Ego State Therapy, which is now my favoured methodology click here for more information I also use or integrate other techniques, depending on what the client wishes to work on, and what is the most appropriate to achieve that change including Eriksonian Hypnotherapy, Solution Focused Therapy, NLP, ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Time Line Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

What I've Been Up To

Some photos of recent gigs Renee & I have done.

The Roasted Grape

Playing for a full house!

Second Show at The Roasted Grape

We were such a hit we had a second show.

Private Birthday Party

Everyone boogied all night long.

Music Samples

A Collection of Song Samples We Recorded During Practice

Bad Moon Rising

Big Yellow Taxi

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

Dock Of The Bay



Heard It Through The Grapevine


I'm Yours

It's Too Late

Killing Me Softly


R & R Medley

Route 66

Stand By Me


You've Got A Friend